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Walden on Wheels: On the Open Road from Debt to Freedom by Ken Ilgunas

Walden on Wheels: On the Open Road from Debt to Freedom - Ken Ilgunas

Book Club pick for October. This was one book I did not want to read. I procrastinated and procrastinated until the day before we were meeting. I just knew I wasn't going to like this book. I mean who really wants to read about a guy with debt and how he got out of it. But I had to read it.


So I did. And it was good. And it was fast. What a different way to live and think about debt. I found it thought provoking. And it provided good discussion at book club.


I liked reading about his adventures and the daily grind. Half of my fellow book clubbers hated the author. One in particular, was very upset with his inaction about a certain situation and how he barely mentioned it. Those of us who liked it, didn't like that part but gave him some leeway as he was a young man who was self involved as only the young can be. Let's just say that, in the end, we agreed to disagree.


Final verdict: Thought provoking journey.