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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer A good book with some high moments and some WTH moments. I understood the basic premise about a young boy who lost his father in 9/11 and the grief that he was dealing with. I hated the grandparents story intensely, especially the grandfather (wallow much?). But the biggest WTH moment, for me, was a mother allowing her 9-10 yo old go all over NY alone? Really? Of course, the story wouldn't have worked without Oskar's ability to roam freely but had to suspend my disbelief over that one.

Having said all of that, I still enjoyed Oskar's journey from being stalled in grief to acceptance. There were parts that were incredibly moving and I admit to shedding a few tears. Things I loved- the letters from famous people in response to Oskar's letters & the incorporation of photos in the book.

Although I wish I could say that it was 5*, it wasn't, but still worth reading. Perhaps I went into it with expectations that were too high. 3 1/2*